About Railroad Gallery

Railroad Gallery is a site for Railroad Photographers to upload their best images to be shared across the web and for potential clients to purchase digital files of spectacular railroad photography.

Our mission is to be able to provide a service for any customer to contribute to, access, and purchase from a collection of railroad photographs. It can be difficult for railroad photographers to find a high-volume outlet to showcase their work, and most image-sharing platforms do not allow photographers the potential to make potential sales. Conversely, individuals looking to purchase digital files of trains are required to contact photographers directly, a process that can be tedious. Railroad Gallery seeks to combine an image sharing platform with a license-issuing service that is built for the photographer. Railroad Gallery has a fully searchable database built around trains! Not a company looking for a corporate license, but an individual wanting a print? Railroad Gallery offers "Personal Licenses" that allow the sale of digital files from your favorite photographers that you can take to your local lab!
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Merit Points

What sets Railroad Gallery apart from image sharing sites is the use of Merit Points. Merit Points reward active users who take time to view other photos and engage with other photographers. This ensures that your work will be seen by many other photograhers! The three highest achiving photographers each week (with regards to Merit Points) will receive recognition as a Featured Photographer. In order to continuously upload the page, users are encouraged to meet and interact with other photographers on this site. In addition, merit points are awarded for the recipents of regularly issued photo awards. This includes

Each photograph submitted will 'cost' the user 200 points. These points have no cash value and cannot be purchased. To gain more, simply engage with the community.


Railroad Gallery distributes awards for the following categories

The award is an electronic ribbon that is displayed next to an image or in the person's profile.


Railroad Gallery offers two memberships:

Railroad Gallery Free has the following benefits: Railroad Gallery Premium has the benefits of the Free Membership and also: Railroad Gallery Premium is $8.99/Monthly.