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Micah Turner


Micah Turner is a photographer, videographer and author from Eastern Kentucky. He owns and operates Micah Turner Photography, as well as a YouTube media outlet titled RailfanMicahTurner, which both captures hidden arts of Eastern Kentucky’s beautiful landscape and wildlife, as well as their coal heritage. His first book, titled “Down The Mine,” follows a local mine disaster and the recovery efforts that followed. Written to bring light upon a well forgotten disaster, the book has sold over 850 copies worldwide, with purchases seen in 6 different countries. Following the success of “Down The Mine,” he recently released his second book, titled “Over The Gravels We Travel,” which follows his grandfathers life from 1940 to present through his stories and highlights Appalachian Culture at its finest. His goal is to document the rarely seen trackage of Eastern Kentucky’s Cumberland Valley Subdivision.

Hometown: Cumberland, Ky

Camera: Nikon D90/ Canon Powershot



Occupation: Photographer/Author/Videographer

Favorite Locomotive: AC44CW/Alco S2

Lifetime Views: 1900

Lifetime Merit: 4300

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