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James Attwell


For as long as I can remember, I have always had a camera in my hand - going on many adventures with my father around the country to chase and photograph trains! In 2015, I completed my Honours degree in Biokinetics and practiced as a biokineticist for several years, before taking up photography full-time in 2021 and co-founding Stimela Photographic Events. It was in 2019 that I truly fell in love and found my passion for photography, after attending a beginners photographic course at DPC (Digital Photography Courses), hosted by Danie Bester. This course would change my life and my photography. Since then, I have completed several other courses with DPC, including the Advanced Photographic and 'Developing a Personal Style' courses. My photographical journey and specialty is a bit different to other photographers... Over the last decade, I have specialised in capturing trains and landscapes over the picturesque Southern African landscape.??????? Away from the beaten track, the railways of South Africa often navigate the exquisite landscapes of our country. From the long, heavy freight trains that move to our ports, to the colourful passenger sets that travel between cities - our railways are aesthetically pleasing on the eye. Of special interest, are the various Heritage Operators around South Africa that operate steam locomotives from time to time – affording us a glimpse of the past. In 2021, I helped co-found Stimela Photographic Events (SPE). A family of creatives dedicated to specializing in promoting and supporting South Africa’s railway heritage & operating companies through photographic events. ?To date we have hosted several successful photographical events with operators such as Wonder Steam Trains, Ceres Rail Company and Rovos Rail. My journey is always one of learning and enjoyment!

Hometown: Potchefstroom, South Africa

Camera: Nikon



Occupation: Biokineticist

Favorite Locomotive: Class 25NC

Lifetime Views: 389

Lifetime Merit: 1070

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